With Listener invite Gaz!‚ or Guy – Episode #307

Gaz is back from a work and holiday break from the podcast and got to see the Royal Air Force Red Arrows acrobatic flying team. Guy obviously confuses the US Navy Blue Angels and the US Air Force Thunderbirds and he’s really, really sorry about that. They gab a bit about the iPad on the road, the Magic TrackPad, and Gaz’s problems with his Mac Mini. We go on as well aboutiPhones and Verizon. We FINALLY get to the 2nd part of the Gaz and David Cohen interview (because we both like David so there!)

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Gang Up On Guy – Episode #203

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We welcome back MyMac writer Rich Lefko to the podcast this week after a too long hiatus from the show. Tim, David, and Rich all gang up on Guy Serle who contends that Apple has been a bit of a let-down recently. Sam Levin helps kick off the show with an all-new Cool Mac Picks.

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Other World Computing pick of the week:
NewerTech’s Intelligent Battery Charging Station

Links from the show:
FlatOut 2
Logitech Pure Fi Dream

Free State Labs GroceryIQ 

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