MyMac Podcast #506: Stupid App Tricks

We have another guest this week as Allister Jenks joins in to talk about all kinds of stuff and all three go into what THEY think are stupid apps. Even bad Skype delay couldn’t deter them.

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Guy’s App Pick: Star Wars TSG free! FREE! Ever want to make a title sequence like they have at the beginning of every Star Wars film? Ever think “That’s WAY too hard!” Well Star Wars TSG to the rescue. You can specify the size, number of frames per second, the studio name, the film name, and what you want said in the opening crawl.Then save it to an empty folder. Why? Because It makes a series of BMP image files that you then have to string together in QuickTime Player 7 with File -> Open Image sequence. The newer version of QuickTime won’t do it.
Gaz’s App Pick: Flow $4.99 or £2.99 UK or NZ$6.49. Flow is an FTP + SFTP client. With URL Copying, Droplets, a built-in editor, and QuickLook. Reviews are mixed but I’ve used it for a while and I like it, it may not be as good or have the features of other more sophisticated FTP clients, but I’m not sophisticated.
Allister’s App Pick: Ripit! From the little app factory $24.95. DVD ripping software

MyMac Podcast #500 – About frigging time

Sponsored by OWC
You’ve waited, and waited, and waited some more for the 500th podcast and it’s finally here! No app picks or much about the Macworld Expo this week or stuff from Google + or Twitter. Gaz and Guy talk a little about playing with organs (the musical kind) on iPads and then things get REALLY interesting when we get all the former hosts together into one virtual room. Naturally they talk a lot about the history of the podcast and a lot of it will make you laugh. Stand by for action!

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OWC Product link:
OWC has lots of audio and video products
Guy’s App Pick: Nope
Gaz’s App Pick: Uh uh
People’s Pick: Not this time

From all the hosts throughout the years of the MyMac Podcast, thanks to every one of you for downloading the show. Stick around as there’s much more to come!

NOT back to the Future – Episode #447

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AAAAND our audio issues continue. This time it’s an odd crackle coming from Gaz. Sigh, still a work in progress folks. This week we have a discussion about why what happened to Apple in the 90’s won’t happen again no matter how many parallel’s to it the press likes to talk about.

Vendor Links:
Guy’s App Pick: Pinnacle Studio for iOS $12.99
Gaz’s App Pick: Carbon Copy Cloner 39.95 USD 25.95 GBP

People’s Pick:Erick Diaz Beautiful and simple weather web app. html5 based. visit directly from your iOS device Sun: iPhone Weather Web App

With Listener invite Gaz!‚ or Guy – Episode #307

Gaz is back from a work and holiday break from the podcast and got to see the Royal Air Force Red Arrows acrobatic flying team. Guy obviously confuses the US Navy Blue Angels and the US Air Force Thunderbirds and he’s really, really sorry about that. They gab a bit about the iPad on the road, the Magic TrackPad, and Gaz’s problems with his Mac Mini. We go on as well aboutiPhones and Verizon. We FINALLY get to the 2nd part of the Gaz and David Cohen interview (because we both like David so there!)

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Gang Up On Guy – Episode #203

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We welcome back MyMac writer Rich Lefko to the podcast this week after a too long hiatus from the show. Tim, David, and Rich all gang up on Guy Serle who contends that Apple has been a bit of a let-down recently. Sam Levin helps kick off the show with an all-new Cool Mac Picks.

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Other World Computing pick of the week:
NewerTech’s Intelligent Battery Charging Station

Links from the show:
FlatOut 2
Logitech Pure Fi Dream

Free State Labs GroceryIQ 

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