MyMac Podcast 519 – A Tangled Web We Weave

Guy and Gaz have a nice almost not crazy talk about easy to use website development tools, but before that Gaz gets wet and cold and Guy realizes after the fact that his ISP gave him a cheap slow router with not so good Wifi. Guy takes his son back to college and it costs him a fortune, we get some great feedback from our listeners about last week’s show, AND we got a Skype call that is only mildly threatening! So it’s been a good week.

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Karelia Software’s SandVox
RealMac Software’s Rapid Weaver
Rage Software’s EverWeb
Fishbeam Software’s Goldfish
Softpress’s Freeway

Guy’s App Pick: Corel’s Pinnacle Studio $9.99 in the iOS App Store. Just an awesome video editing app
Gaz’s App Pick: iFixit IOS Repair App
People’s Pick: None this week

MyMac Podcast 476: They’re on their way, YAY!

So STILL no new iPhones for either GMan, but it’s looking like Gaz will get his first. Not that Guy is bitter or anything. They can’t remember what the bet was they made that if Guy loses, Gaz punches him in the nose so Guy lucks out there. A discussion into what the next iPad might be like and then it ALL goes wrong in a hilarious way.

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Guy’s Pick: Goldfish by Fishbeam software $109.00 at the Mac App store for the Pro version or $59.99 for the standard version.
Gaz’s App Pick: Onyx
People’s Pick: Eric Diaz: Angry Birds Star Wars II $0.99

Podcasting Patent Trolls – Episode #460

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Guy kinda likes Clams and Gaz is on the Go this week as they get down and dirty with the scourge of innovation everywhere (at least in the USA), the patent troll. Like heffalumps and woozals they shouldn’t exist but they do. If you would like to help those that CAN do something about it, please make a donation to the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Guy’s App Pick: Goldfish by Fishbeam Software $59.99 and $109.99 at the Mac App Store
Gaz’s App Pick: Timelapse Helper
People’s Pick: John Nemo iPhoto iOS app on the iPad, gen 2 and later. Terrific built-in effects, plus localized enhancements using custom brush edits. Best $5 you’ll spend all year.