MyMac Podcast #498 – You won’t like me when I’m angry

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Just two…to five or more episodes until the 500th show! Can you feel the excitement in the air? If you can you should most likely go see a doctor since solid emotions in your nostrils is probably not a good thing. A certain group’s proposal (number 9, number 9,number 9,) seemed to really hack off Tim Cook at the last shareholder’s meeting, so Guy has a little chat with the founder of the NCPPR, Amy Ridenour to ask her about it. Please check the links below for the proposal itself and another to Ms. Ridenour’s blog about the incident. Gaz is looking for some better way to keep an iOS device on him to keep track of how much exercise he does and also a way to mount one in the kitchen. If only he could combine the two…

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OWC Product link:
OWC ALSO sells well maintained used Macs.
Link for the main story:

Guy’s App Pick: NiceCast from Rogue Amoeba $59.99. A way to shift your audio from place to another…theoretically. It has a really simple layout, the tools will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever played with Audio Hijack Pro, and if I ever get it to work properly I think it will be…(wait for it) AMAZING!
Gaz’s App Pick: EveTV. Watching recording TV on your Mac with extra options to do the same on your IOS devices (particularly the iPad)
People’s Pick: None this week (ohhh)

Just How Old Do Parrots Get? – Episode #420

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It’s Guy’s birthday and he’ll podcast if he wants to, but Skype seems to think it’s a bad idea. Yep another Skype sucks and we hate it kind of show. We still had fun though making fun of Microsoft and wondering just how long has it been since most of the Mac line had been updated. Gaz gives a great tip and to the surprise of no one Guy hadn’t heard of it before. Most be his old age kicking in.

Some Links:
Widgets on the desktop
Guy’s App PickLinein from Rogue Amoeba FREE!
Gaz’s App PickMenutab for FaceBook and Social for FaceBook
People’s PickBook Creator for the iPad. $4.99 from Red Jumper Studio
Apple’s Pages $19.99 from the Mac App Store

MWSF 09 Day Four #221

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Today’s show kicks off with the Macworld Staff, as well as the iProng Magazine staff, talking about the day. Segments include Toon Boom, an interview with Paul at Rogue Amoeba, Andreas Hass of Axiotron, Bruce Gee from, an interview with Andy Taylor, CEO of MacSpeech.

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