About Us

The MyMac Podcast is one of the longest running Podcasts in the world. It started in 2004 when Tim Robertson, publisher of MyMac.com, created the show as a way to provide more content and information about Apple Mac’s. As Apple’s product line evolved, the shows content did as well to include iPad, iPhone, iPods, and more.

The show has enjoyed a number of different hosts over the years. Originally hosted by Tim Robertson alone, he soon recruited long time friend Chad Perry to join him on the weekly show. After the 100th weekly episode, Guy Serle joined Tim and Chad. After Chad Perry left the show, he was replaced by David Cohen. David and Guy continued on when founder Tim Robertson left, but David would eventually join Tim on the weekly TechFan podcast. The show is currently hosted by Guy Serle and Gary Malpas, and is recorded weekly. Guy and Gary (Gazmaz) have hosted the show longer than any other hosts, and have taken the show in many new directions.

The MyMac Podcast is an independent podcast owned by MyMac Productions, LLC. For advertising opportunities, please email us. The MyMac Podcast is a member of the Stoplight Network.