MyMac Podcast 848: BIG Differences!

WWDC is coming up in less than a month so we’re bound to hear about all the great changes in Apple’s various operating systems for developers. Except there’s one that rules above all the others. Be advised there’s no after show this week due to some technical issues with the recording software. The whole second part of the show would have been lost except we had the video recording that we were able to pull from. Sorry about that.

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Guy’s Mic this week: Sennheiser E835. This is a handheld Dynamic microphone. ()

For Pick’s Sake

Guy:- For streamers, get Rencubate app for your iPhone or iPod touch and for the Mac. The free version will likely be good enough, but the paid version gives you many options for adjusting the quality of the picture. ()

Gaz:- SciMan Dan’s debunking video

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