MyMac Podcast 873: AppleTV or AppleTV

Why are the GMen wasting time recording a podcast on Black Friday when we or AppleTV could be getting deals of a LIFETIME!?! Because it’s the same boring ho-hum nonsense from every year. “Special one day only deals” that seem to last a week on stuff we don’t really want anyway. Instead we’ll talk about the differences between the AppleTV, AppleTV, PLUS AppleTV!


Rode M2 hand held Super Cardioid condenser microphone

AppleTV through a browser (

For Pick’s Sake

Guy:- Can’t find your remote for your AppleTV? Well you can use the AppleTV iOS app to control it as well OR you can just AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad directly to an AppleTV box. That’s IF you have it already. Apple discontinued the app because it’s now built into your iPhone’s Control Center.


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