MyMac Podcast 522: Shawn King just takes the fun out of everything

Guy can’t leave well enough alone and has (yet again) changed his recording setup. This was nearly a disaster which means that even MORE changes are afoot (so give him a hand…gold clap). Shawn King comes on to talk to the GMen about all the new Apple stuff, the death of Macworld as a print magazine, and Canadian Football…wait really?

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Guy’s App Pick: Netflix app for iOS
Gaz’s Pick: Wind Tunnel Pro
People’s Pick Mini Review: From Michael Cassel
Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac
It’s flat.
Supports all Apple gestures etc.
Slightly larger surface area.
As sensitive as the Apple version
May appear to be slightly less sensitive – but it isn’t

Simply in terms of the angle alone he prefers this to my Apple trackpad. All the functionality is there too.

MyMac Podcast #501 – Mittens

Sponsored by OWC

No Gaz this week as he gets his revenge on Guy for being gone for MacWorld. Or something like though it may actually just be spending time with the family someplace fun and not about Guy at all. Speaking of run on sentences, Owen joins Guy and they talk about Macworld (though in no great detail) in a very informative and revealing (where we find out why Guy is Gus and Owen is Opie! How exciting is that!). STILL no end to the podcast contest (next for maybe sure!) and lots of some of the interviews done by the MyMac Staff at some Expo or something.

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OWC Product link:
You know what’s there, go get it!
Air Display

Guy’s App Pick: Uber, the alternate to bad cabs. Free though needs a credit card to work
Gaz’s App Pick: No, since he’s not here this week
Owen’s Pick: Air Display $9.99. Use your old iPad or really nearly any old thing and use it for another display for your Mac

MyMac Podcast #500 – About frigging time

Sponsored by OWC
You’ve waited, and waited, and waited some more for the 500th podcast and it’s finally here! No app picks or much about the Macworld Expo this week or stuff from Google + or Twitter. Gaz and Guy talk a little about playing with organs (the musical kind) on iPads and then things get REALLY interesting when we get all the former hosts together into one virtual room. Naturally they talk a lot about the history of the podcast and a lot of it will make you laugh. Stand by for action!

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OWC Product link:
OWC has lots of audio and video products
Guy’s App Pick: Nope
Gaz’s App Pick: Uh uh
People’s Pick: Not this time

From all the hosts throughout the years of the MyMac Podcast, thanks to every one of you for downloading the show. Stick around as there’s much more to come!

Macworld Expo day 3 – The gang is all here

Sponsored by OWC

Second day of Macworld but the last day for us all being together. Join Guy, Vicki, Elisa Mark, Eric, and Owen as they yammer a lot about things mostly related to some kind of Tech event…maybe. Then Guy talks to the Jupiter crew at OWC about spaceships and massive storage, and a bunch of interviews we did on the Expo floor.

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Other World Computing
Developers we talked to:
Inspire Pro
Antec Mobile Products
City Hour

So Here We Go Again – Episode #429

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Apple gives to Hurricane Sandy relief maybe not until it hurts, but generously. On the home front, Guy might not go to the Macworld Expo and is unable to find his Time Machine. Gaz’s Finder issues may have been solved by NOT turning off his Mac Mini. Guy’s hatred of analysts persists with every stupid they say, Samsung sells more Galaxy SIII’s than Apple sells iPhone 4S’s in a single quarter, and Foxconn may build a plant in the US…sheyeah right!

Some Links:
Gaz’s App Pick: Tiny Troopers from Chillango $2.99
Guy’s App Pick: MightyMonitor Dashboard Widget by Starmerville FREE!