MyMac Podcast 468..I mean 467: Uncle GMen’s Holiday Camp!

OK, we said 468 a bunch of times but it’s really 467. Blame it on the heat, us being tired, really ANYWHERE other than us personally. Lot’s of good stuff in this show. We go over the tech we bring on holiday, switching to a new ISP, when NOT to use PhotoStream, and much, much more!

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Guy’s App Pick: Tiny Troopers by Chillango. $2.99
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People’s Pick: Levelator picked by Dorothy Yamamoto. It’s from The Conversations Network

So Here We Go Again – Episode #429

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Apple gives to Hurricane Sandy relief maybe not until it hurts, but generously. On the home front, Guy might not go to the Macworld Expo and is unable to find his Time Machine. Gaz’s Finder issues may have been solved by NOT turning off his Mac Mini. Guy’s hatred of analysts persists with every stupid they say, Samsung sells more Galaxy SIII’s than Apple sells iPhone 4S’s in a single quarter, and Foxconn may build a plant in the US…sheyeah right!

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Gaz’s App Pick: Tiny Troopers from Chillango $2.99
Guy’s App Pick: MightyMonitor Dashboard Widget by Starmerville FREE!